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ZENVO COUNTDOWN! Completion News and Reveal Plans | ROAD TO ZENVO Part 8

There's not long to wait now! Let's get an update on the news of my Zenvo TSR-S and when all can be revealed, while experiencing some laps at Laguna Seca during Hypercar Invitational, in the very same car that visited @TheShmuseum, I cannot wait!

We've been following the Road to Zenvo story, and seen my car go from initial renders and specification through to updates from the build process in the assembly hall. However, as you can imagine it's nearly complete and talking with the Zenvo team, they have very kindly agreed to bring it over to the Goodwood Festival of Speed so that everyone can see it, ahead of my collection back from the factory in Denmark!

Zenvo are supporting the Hypercar Invitational weekend, involving a road drive, races on a runway, and now track time at the famous circuit of Laguna Seca. This means that they have brought out both the blue TSR-S that I drove on the roads local to my own garage, plus the white car that I've previously filmed before at @TopazDetailing too.

That means for me, getting back behind the wheel of the same car on a new continent, to head out to the full Laguna Seca circuit for some fun laps. I must pre-empt that given the value of the car, and the importance of it being available for other events, plus my first laps ever at Laguna during a busy session, this is not about speed but about the feeling and excitement of getting out on track with this beast.

I cannot wait to see my car in a completed state, it's not going to be long now until it's ready to get out on the roads and be used as intended. If you are wondering why my car will return to Denmark after the Goodwood Festival of Speed, that's to both go through shakedown testing and also for my collection experience at the factory, so there's plenty more still to come in the Road to Zenvo.

Thanks for watching, Tim

Thank you to @rennphoto for the outro image!

00:00 Intro
01:19 When is my Zenvo Ready?
04:36 Preparing for the Track
05:40 My First Drive at Laguna Seca
14:06 Thoughts from the Track
16:05 Hypercar Invitational
18:22 Wrap Up

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added on 13 Jun. 2022

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