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Where is My BMW M8 Competition?

It's nearly here! My BMW M8 Competition has now been built and is waiting over in Germany to be collected in the hopefully not too distant future. Let me take you through the spec and reason for choosing Oxford Green as the colour, as well as getting a better idea of when it might be possible to take delivery!

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After originally expecting the car in March/April as I announced earlier this year when I borrowed the M8 Gran Coupe 1 of 8 from BMW UK, things became rather unknown with the current global circumstances. However, I'm pleased to now confirm that the news has arrived that the car is built and it's sitting waiting at BMW M's HQ in Garching, near Munich, to be collected as soon as travel restrictions allow.

However, for the time being let's take a run through of the specification and colour choices. The body is painted in BMW's Oxford Green, a colour originally used on the E31 8 Series in the 1990s, and certainly well suited to the new generation car as well as finding a great home in the colourful line-up of the Shmeemobiles. It is combined as well with the 813 M 20" dual-tone wheels while the interior is in Silverstone leather, combined with many technology options as you would expect.

While the car is ready now for collection, the current travel restrictions to Germany require a 14 day quarantine on arrival (but it does vary from state to state) and although I do personally need to travel at some point soon to my flat there, I will delay this until the safest and most sensible opportunity to do so arrives. Stay tuned though, it will only be a case of time, let's see what happens and when the new BMW M8 Shmeemobile can be collected!

If you'd like to see more about the colours of E31 8 Series models, check this out:

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 1 May 2020

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