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When Gumball 3000 Arrives in Japan!

With Gumball 3000 having touched down in Japan, it's time to get back on the roads! First up, it's the short drive from Osaka to Kyoto, via a visit to the Central Circuit racetrack for the cars to have a play following their release through customs clearance. How crazy is it that these are the same cars we were just driving with in the UK, France and Italy!?

Starting off at the customs warehouse at Osaka airport, it's documentation time for the entrants to get their cars released and ready to hit the roads. In the mean time we're driving in the AMG GT R in Green Hell Magno from Mercedes-Benz Japan which is of course not in need of complicated documents.

At the checkpoint, many of the cars including the Bugatti Chiron, Ferrari 812superfast and Nismo GT-R N Attack hit the track for a few hot laps before continuing their journey to Kyoto.

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added on 10 Aug. 2018


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