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When are My Ford GT and Senna Coming?

The Ford GT and McLaren Senna are coming soon! The new additions to the garage are both on the horizon but let's have an update to run over when exactly and what's happening.

For the McLaren Senna I've been having second thoughts as to which number plate should go on it... To keep in line with the rest of the garage, I've been thinking I should use SH12 MEE; the usual style with the 12 in line with Ayrton Senna's racing number in the year he won his first championship. The original plan was to use 87 TB - but wouldn't it be more in-keeping to make it match the rest of the garage?

It's also an opportunity to show you through the Senna giftbook that was given to each customer to match their VIN number, and tell a little about the story of the car.

Then let's get to the big topic, when will both of these cars arrive?! The Ford GT is due imminently, hopefully within the next 2 weeks and I will update more as soon as I have it. The McLaren Senna is going to be close behind, possibly very early 2019 or maybe just a few days before the end of the year - again more to come very soon.

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 5 Dec. 2018

Make: Ford


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