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What's Happening With 'My' AMG A45 S!

Let's talk AMG A45 S! I placed a deposit last year for the new pocket rocket to join the Shmeemobiles, but since then a flurry of AMGs have arrived, so what does this mean for the garage going forwards? With RENNtech's A45 S to drive, let me bring you up to date with the garage plans.

Mercedes-AMG launched the A45 S at last year's Goodwood Festival of Speed, and I first got an opportunity to get behind the wheel at the end of the year in Affalterbach, in pouring rain! Today though, with better weather, it's time to drive again in better weather and this time with a car that is also not so standard, having received the RENNtech treatment! This A45 S features an upgrade to 480hp and 575Nm (from 421hp and 500Nm) along with improved brakes, plus a new prototype exhaust system.

At the time of ordering the A45 S, I had just taken delivery of the G63 to join the GT R in the garage, knowing that the latter would swap up to the Pro at some point to follow. However I hadn't yet found and bought an SLS Black Series, plus decided to keep the G63 for longer, and run for sure both the GT R Pro and GT R Roadster together... meaning a difficulty to work out how to fit the car into the garage, especially considering the current circumstances.

However, here comes the problem the A45 S is that it's such a fantastic car! It's fast, powerful, well equipped, has a premium feel and overall an amazing car for the money, there is no question I'd love to own and use one but very hard to justify amongst a number of other cars, at a difficult time to begin with - meaning my priorities go more towards the permanent Shmeemobiles.

--- SPOILER --

In conclusion, I'm afraid to say that I have finally decided not to keep my order, I will move the deposit into my GT R Roadster and keep both GT Rs as well as the G63 for continued usage rather than having to move one on to add the A45 S. By no means is that down to any flaws with the car, but purely the garage overall and line-up in the garage.

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 9 Jul. 2020


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