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WHAT NEXT? My Cars and Garage Update

What's next? It's hard to say! We're living in unprecedented times, however the new 'dream car' Shmeemobile is joining the garage this weekend, right as the channel will reach 2 million subscribers - some exciting news at a time of great gloominess. Stay tuned to see it first!

The Shmee150 channel will likely reach 2 million subscribers in the next few days, a huge milestone and equally a big thank you to everyone part of this adventure. I've been incredibly excited to celebrate this goal with the launch of my new car, although the timing could not really turn out to be worse considering the global situation.

Over the coming days will come a spectacularly confusing set of videos; travelling across Europe to collect the new addition - something clearly impossible due to borders that have now closed to prevent the spread, but all shot in advance when of course this was not anything like the problem it has now become.

My schedule has been chaotic recently in terms of plans and travel, with events being called off all over the place. Since the initial cancellation of the Geneva Motorshow, further things have fallen away at a rapid pace and sadly that does mean many of my booked trips and content plans ahead are no longer going to be possible. For example taking 6 cars around Europe to the Nurburgring and World of Cars, plus even taking 3 of them to Morocco in April! The new car was intended to be taken over to the USA for Gumball 3000 Toronto to Havana but again that has been postponed and as such the plans will all be back to the drawing board.

Of course nothing comes before health, and great measures need to be taken to curtail this. As such we will definitely now enter a period of uncertainty in terms of content on social media which will develop as time passes and there's a clearer understanding. I would like to clarify that I'm purely covering the automotive and Shmee150 side, not the wider picture which can be discussed at length elsewhere on the appropriate platforms and channels.

For now, I am excited regardless to share the new car with you at this special time for the channel, and I hope you'll enjoy it along with the additional awesome videos coming soon!

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 18 Mar. 2020


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