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VISITING HOOVIE'S GARAGE! Hooptie Fleet Tour, Ferrari for CarTrek and Mustang Drive Out

There's a lot going on at Hoovie's Garage! The next stop on the tour brings me to visit Tyler and his eclectic selection of Hoopties. Let's check out some of the cars including his Lamborghinis, the Ferrari 456 for the latest series of CarTrek, and then head out in his Mustang.

Having departed from Texas to head North, we've traveled through Oklahoma and into Kansas on the Where's Shmee: US Edution tour, to come and visit Hoovie's Garage. With a constantly changing fleet of Hoopties, Tyler's collection of cars is certainly eccentric and unusual, in many cases with a lot of work to be done!

Outside the garage sit two of the Lamborghinis; the Murcielago Roadster and Countach, while the Diablo is having some work done, as well as the 60s Mustang. Inside a number of Hoopties sit on the Bendpak triple lift, as well as more unusual cars lined up around the back. Let's check out the cars in the garage with Tyler, including his Ferrari 456 for the latest series of CarTrek before going out for a run in the Mustang!

If you're not already following Tyler, you can find his channels here:

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
00:25 Walkaround with Hoovie
01:40 Cars on lift
06:54 CarTrek 456
08:22 Outside cars
10:35 Mustangs and Lambos
13:25 Drive Out
16:35 Wrap Up

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added on 10 Mar. 2021

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