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VISITING EMELIA HARTFORD! New Workshop and 1,000hp Twin Turbo RECORD 1/4 MILE C8 Corvette

Checking out @EmeliaHartford's new workshop and now record holding 1,000hp C8 Corvette! After a catch up, let's get out to experience what this 1/4 mile record breaking C8 is all about.

Before my Shelby GT500 is loaded up to head back to Florida, it's a stop to visit @EmeliaHartford and check out her new workshop while the BendPak lifts are being installed. Of course the C8 Corvette is the star of the show having recently broken a 1/4 mile record for a C8 with an exception time of just 9.41s at 144mph.

Naturally we have to take it out for a short ride to get a feel for what it's like, even running the lower tune at 700whp where it still feels frantic and ballistic. It's then quickly on the road for me over to Galpin Ford to collect something I abandoned 18 months ago... After I'd been in California with my Ford GT, I swapped out the exhaust to a US Akrapovic titanium system and left the original with them until this point. Now however, it's loaded back into the boot/trunk of the GT500 for the journey with AutoBox Express back towards Miami.

Be sure to follow Emelia and her adventures at:

Thanks also to AutoBox for their help again transporting a Shmeemobile across the USA:

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
00:30 Welcome
03:14 Modifications
05:17 Ride
07:20 Tunnel Time
12:24 Why Phoenix
14:05 Into the Workshop
14:35 Next Stop
17:05 Loading
18:39 Wrap Up

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added on 3 Apr. 2021

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