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Visit the Office with the Coolest Hypercar Garage in the World!

There are garages, and then there are garages! Manny Koshbin's hypercar collection is displayed in a truly fantastic way so join us to explore one of the most impressive and ultimate man caves in the USA, if not the world!

Manny takes us on a tour around the collection; including his ultra-rare hypercars and supercars; from the latest arrival in the form of the Koenigsegg Agera RS Phoenix, to his absolutely unique Pagani Huayra by Hermès. Alongside them you'll find two Bugatti Veyrons, one of which is a full carbon Vincero by Mansory, and then the only satin carbon fibre bodied McLaren P1 in the world. Alongside the hypercars, the colleciton also includes a McLaren 650S Can-Am, three McLaren Mercedes SLR models, a Porsche Carrera GT and a Rolls-Royce Phantom Extended wheelbase.

However, what really gets me intrigued is the way the cars are displayed in a super clean environment with neutral walls but allowing the focus to be all about the cars. Beyond that, Manny's desk and office quite literally sits in the centre with a number of display items that show what will be arriving in future!

The next cars to be added to the collection including the McLaren Speedtail (formerly codename BP23), Mercedes-AMG Project One and a Bugatti Chiron by Hermès too!

From my side it is a huge thanks to Manny for taking the time to personally show me around and allow us to take a look and experience his amazing garage, please do give him a follow at:

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 7 Sep. 2018


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