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VALUE DESTROYED!? Impact of Painting My SLS Black Series

Apparently my SLS AMG Black Series is now worthless as I've totally destroyed the value by respraying it! Is that true though? Let's have a run over some more thoughts and also why I didn't wrap it or do a Topaz Skin amongst many more of your questions. In short, this car is bought to be driven and used, not preserved for a future owner, so bring it on!

If the comments are to believed, my dream acquisition and newest arrival in the garage of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series must now be completely and utterly worthless following my decision to repaint it to a new colour. As you will know, it is being changed away from Himalaya Grey into my preference of Mystic Blue with a complete paint respray, a permanent decision as I intend to keep it forever as one of the Shmeemobiles. So what does this do to the value?

The initial instinct says that it's a really bad idea, how dare I do this to such a special car, and caused quite some interesting reactions. However, I think you'll find it makes more sense than initially appears. Typically you don't respray a collector car for value reasons; if it's a car with low mileage, one owner, full services, clean history, no damage etc for example a Rosso Corsa Ferrari F40 that's never going to be driven - then no, don't do it! But where my car is different primarily is that I do not intend to garage queen it; I'll take the car on the Nurburgring Nordshcleife, it'll do track days, plenty of road trips, rallies, travel around the world, and be enjoyed - all of which is massively detrimental to any theoretical value but of course creates huge appreciation in love for it as a car along the way. My car in particular has already been wrapped and a show car in its life, again putting collectors off even though it has a full service history and no damage or accident. The last reason that this car was the right subject is that it had sat for sale at a reasonable price for an extended period - had a collector really wanted the colour, they would have snapped it up already.

I would like to stress that up to this point, the videos you have seen on the Shmee150 channel were filmed prior to the UK guidelines being introduced and certainly not breaching the rules. I'm attempting to share positive content that distracts from the current gloominess, especially as this is not a medical or political channel, however there have been a few individuals sharing unpleasant messages and comments along the way. Unfortunately this is a part of 'the internet' which I accept but this channel exists and came together over a love and passion for cars, and that is how it will continue.

The stunning factory painted Mystic Blue SLS AMG Black Series at Al Ain Class Motors in Dubai:

Shout out and thanks to Juice Your Ride who have hooked me up with some trickle chargers suited perfectly to the cars in my garage. You can find the right one for your car here:

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 10 Apr. 2020


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