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My friend, ZenCarDriver has bought a Mercedes-Benz CLK 63 AMG Black Series! The jealousy is high as it's a special machine on my wishlist too, but today we're out in my C63 Black Series to head to Contemporary Classics to collect it and go out for a convoy!

With my own obsession with the Black Series models in full swing with the 3 in my collection, the CLK 63 Black Series is certainly high up on the list of dream additions for the future. However, today we're on the road to join ZenCarDriver for the collection day of his latest acquisition, joined by some of the other cars from his fleet including the fabulous Brabus Rocket 900 GT 4-door One of Ten, and his AMG GT Black Series too, plus plenty of guests.

The CLK Black Series was produced in 2008/2009, and only 700 were made in total of which just about 31 were UK RHD original specs, two of which are here for the day, alongside a CLK DTM! The DTM is one of just 100 coupes, and there were 80 Roadsters made, but a very rare car to see and making for a fantastic line-up. Contemporary Classics have previously sold my Toyota GR Supra and Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro, so brilliant to pop down to catch up with the team.

After pulling the covers back on the CLK BS, it's out onto the roads with a convoy of cars including the Rocket, GT BS, @TGE TV in his SLS, @888MF, @Archie Hamilton Racing and more for the drive to Mercedes Guildford for a final stop. Congratulations to ZenCarDriver on the new purchase, it's an amazing car! You can follow for more at

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
01:24 On the Way
03:36 Driving Past McLaren
04:19 Arriving at Contemporary Classics
05:19 Showroom Visit
06:03 Big Reveal
08:10 Convoy Departures
09:47 Drive Time
12:33 Brabus Rocket Walkaround
14:46 Departures
15:48 Off We Go
16:54 Wrap Up

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added on 13 Jan. 2022


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