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Trolling TGE and his New Ferrari 488 Pista IKEA EDITION!

TGE has bought a new Ferrari 488 Pista IKEA EDITION! With the colours so closely resembling those of the famous furniture store, let's troll him with a drive to make a surprise visit! How long until he works out the secret destination...

To kick things off, I head over to the meet up spot in my Suzuki Jimny armed with some new touches including a spare wheel cover and floor mats. Before long though, I can hear the Pista arriving with a few others too; JE's Turbo S and TGE's Carrera T too!

The hardcore Ferrari wears a bold colour scheme outside and in, with Blu Elettrico Opaco complemented by the bright Giallo stripes. The interior continues the same scheme in a very striking configuration as well as the car wearing a particularly aggressive number plate. After a quick tour around the car, it's on the move for the short drive with Tom totally unaware of our final destination.

However, along the way, the penny drops and he figures that I'm taking his Pista to Ikea! It had to happen, especially with that colour scheme on the supercar.

Thanks to TGE for taking it very lightheartedly, you can check him out at:

Thanks for watching, Tim


Credits Shmee150
added on 21 Jun. 2019

Make: Ferrari


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