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Toyota v Ford v VW: ULTIMATE pick-up test!

It’s time for the ultimate pick-up truck group test!

We’ve got our hands on the Ford Ranger Raptor, the VW Amarok and the Toyota Hilux GR Sport, and they’re going head-to-head over a series of challenges to find out which is the best!

Not only will we be testing their off-road capabilities - but we’ll also be reviewing their designs, interiors, what they’re like to drive, as well as launching them all from 0-60mph!

The question is, which will come out on top? You’ll need to stick with Mat and see for yourself!

00:00 Intro
00:37 Engines
01:25 Drag Race
05:10 Price
06:07 Design
07:50 Interior
11:40 Back Seats
15:25 Load Bed
16:28 Driving Up-hill
19:00 Off-road Modes
20:28 Rock Crawl
24:15 Driving - Raptor
25:57 Driving - Amarok
27:57 Driving - Hilux
30:07 0-60mph
32:08 Verdict

Mat’s favourite Toyota SUV:

Ranger Raptor v Amarok v Hilux drag race:

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added on 18 Aug. 2023


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