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This Jensen 541 Fits Right

At first blush, leaving Italy to go in search of a beautiful vintage car seems as unnecessary as leaving Tahiti to look for the perfect beach. But when a man takes a fancy to a particular car, he sometimes has no choice but to cast a wider net.

Such is the story of Gianfranco Giovine and his 1954 Jensen 541. Perhaps he wanted to set himself apart from all the Lancias and Fiats and Alfa Romeos on Italy’s roads, or perhaps it was simply the challenge of tracking down a car that is seldom seen outside of Britain. Whatever the case, Giovine, after much searching and dreaming, finally found his car in Ireland, where he wasted no time in signing a sales contract and arranging for shipping back to Italy.

While Giovine has had to adjust to right-hand drive–a transition made all the more challenging by the narrow roads and streets around his hometown–he quickly developed a love affair with the car’s lines and with its powerful six-cylinder engine, a powerplant that shares much in common with the Austin Healeys of the day.

Much like a man might finally settle down after winning the love of the woman of his dreams, Giovine has no plans to part with his beloved Jensen.

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added on 27 Jan. 2015

Make: Jensen


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