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This is Where My BMW M5 was Built! | BMW Plant Dingolfing

A few months in with the BMW M5, it's time to go back to visit the place it was built! With an incredibly opportunity to bring a camera to the assembly line at the BMW Plant Dingolfing, we can see the birthplace for the BMW models like the M5, new M5 Competition and the future 8 Series with it's different models.

My story with the M5 has been jam packed; from collecting it at the BMW Welt to visiting the likes of the BMW M Studio and BMW Individual, but now it's time to rewind the story back to the beginning to see what's involved in it being put together. From the painted body shells arriving at the start through to the car resting on its own wheels and starting up; going through the installation of many components along the way including the wedding and moment of engine marriage.

The BMW Plant Dingolfing is home to the 5, 6, 7 and 8 Series models, and is the largest BMW plant in Europe, employing 17,500 people as they go about building up to 400,000 cars a year - and a total of 10,000,000 since they opened! Being granted permission to bring the cameras inside to take a look around was a truly unique opportunity and a huge thanks goes to those involved at the plant, from BMW and BMW M who made that possible.

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 1 Aug. 2018

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