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THIS is the Ultimate Tribute Ferrari - 7X Design GTO Vision | FIRST LOOK

Check out the 7X Design GTO Vision, the result of a dream to create a modern interpretation of the Ferrari 288 GTO. With inspirations from the GTO, the F40 and also some more recent Ferraris, this is modern coachbuilding on the base of a 488 GTB and the result certainly works!

7X Design is created by David Gomez to pay homage and tribute to his favourite car, the Ferrari 288 GTO. Enlisting the help of Envisage Technologies the donor 488 GTB features an entirely re-worked carbon fibre body. Reminiscent of cars from the 1930s where you would buy a rolling chassis and create your own body for it, this is entirely new and features some incredibly special details.

From the front the air flow is managed through various ducts and openings to give the effect of an S-duct, with new lower lights akin to those found on the 288. Around the sides the bodywork starts to take the shape of the F40 with the flares behind the front wheels and lines towards the intakes. At the rear the wing flicks present like that of the F40 with a cut off central section as you'd see on the Ferrari FXX K. The rear deck lid features tiered glass slats for a fantastic view over the 3.9l twin turbo V8 in a style that pays tribute to both the 288 and F40.

Join me in the studio at Envisage to take a first look and check out the GTO Vision from 7X Design, and to run through the details that make this car so special.

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 3 Jul. 2019

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