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This is the brand new BMW M3 CS, and everything you would want to know about it! From a full in-depth walkaround to stretching the M3 CS' legs on the Autobahns before returning for some track laps to put it through its paces. With only around 1,200 to be built, the CS sits at the very top of the F80 M3 line-up as BMW M's latest product, but is it worth the price tag?

Coming in at £86,000 base price in the UK, that can quickly escalate to a 6-figure car with options like the fantastic carbon ceramic brakes. It represents a £25,000 mark-up over the M3 Competition Package but for that you get an increase to 460hp and 600Nm (from 450 and 550 respectively) from the 3.0l biturbo straight-six, a host of carbon fibre parts on the body and alcantara on the interior. With just a 10kg shaving in the weight, the biggest changes come from the way the car is setup and dialed in to be the purist's choice of sporty saloon.

After taking a look around the new M3 CS, let's jump in for a drive on the roads, including a blast on the Autobahn to 270km/h or so; close to the top speed of 280km/h from the CS. Then it's back to the Driving Academy to put in some laps on the handling track before a full exploration of the interior of the car.

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added on 21 May 2018

Make: BMW


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