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THIS is the New BMW M2 Competition! | FIRST DRIVE

This is the new BMW M2 Competition and everything you could possibly want to know about it! From a full in-depth walkaround to pushing hard on the Ascari circuit and driving on mountain roads. With the M2 Competition featuring the S55 engine from the M3 and M4, a lot has changed, but was it the ingredient needed to make it the best sports car out there?

Upon arrival at the Ascari Race Resort in southern Spain, we can quickly take an introduction to the new M2 Competition before it's time to prepare for the race track. Out on track it's giving chase to Joel Eriksson (BMW Works DTM driver), as we get to explore the different configurations and driving modes, before having a little bit of fun!

Getting back into the paddock, we have the opportunity to run over everything in significantly more detail; to discuss all of the changes and new features. Powered by the new S55 it's making 410hp and 550nm (up from 370 and 500 respectively). there is no question the pace is there, but is the driving experience?

To find out, let's also head out onto the local roads including some tight twisties to get a better feel in a more day to day environment. Upon return, lastly, it's time to explore the full interior in more detail to wrap up our full look at the new BMW M2 Competition.

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added on 30 Jul. 2018

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