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THIS is the New BMW 3 Series! TEST DRIVE

This is the new BMW 3 Series and everything you could want to know about it! From experiencing the new 330i on road to the M340i xDrive on track, while showing you all the new technology functions it offers along the way. Join me to discover the new BMW 3 Series in full!

With over 15 million units of the 3 Series sold since 1975, it's clearly the core model for BMW and this is now the 'G20' is the seventh generation. The car has grown substantially in size but houses a new level of technology for the segment including features like the Personal Assistant to talk directly to the car to interact and change settings, and the Reversing Assistant where it will directly reverse you automatically down the same route you've driven forwards.

Visually the design is sharpened up, with a notch into the Laserlight headlights, a shaper front grille, and character lines found around the side. The rear continues with the dual coloured glass of the L-shape taillights and horizontal lines that accentuate the width. To the inside the dashboard has been brought into line with the latest BMW style while including the dual digital displays for the 7th generation of the BMW Operating System including iDrive. This not only offers the traditional level of control but also allows us to demonstrate the new Personal Assistant whereby you can communicate with spoken language to change a whole host of controls, functions and the navigation system.

After the walkaround, it's time to take the 330i M Sport for a drive on the road before returning to discover the Reversing Assistant. Next up it's a checkover of the M340i prototype and jumping in with Antonio da Costa for some hot laps to experience it in anger before taking the wheel myself. Lastly we can further experience all of the controls for the interior and interaction with the systems.

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added on 12 Dec. 2018

Make: BMW


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