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This is the Complete Final Spec for My Ford GT!

Let's take a run through of the options that I am choosing for the spec of my Ford GT! Having announced the Red and Gold colour scheme inspired by Alan Mann Racing, the other options including interior, wheels, and carbon fibre parts still need to be selected. What do you think of what I'm going for?

The exterior starts with the Ford's Liquid Red tri-coat paint, completed with the Gold that is matched to the GT40s and Escort mk1s from Alan Mann Racing in the 1960s. The wheels are the standard wheel as opposed to the carbon upgrade because of my desire to paint them gold. On the interior we have the Dark Energy Upgrade introducing more Alcantara and carbon fibre panels, along with the 6-point harness mounts. I've not opted for the Sports Exhaust at this moment but it can be installed later, but I do have the Titanium Lug Nuts.

My Ford GT is due for delivery in around 6 months which should mean just in time for Christmas and you can bet when it arrives there will be a lot of exciting things to come!

While finalising the spec side of things, it makes me ponder the idea of painting the wheels on my Ford Focus RS Red Edition in gold as well, what do you think about that? Finally when back in the garage it is parked up under my red cover from Richbrook, that you can find in the Shmee150 shop here:

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Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 13 Jun. 2018

Make: Ford


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