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This Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust TRANSFORMS My Ford GT!

It's time to transform my Ford GT with a brand new Akrapovic Titanium sports exhaust! I knew the car was missing something and you will now see exactly what as the sound from the twin turbo V6 is hugely improved. Let's head to Galpin Ford for the install and then plenty of opportunity to hear the new exhaust note.

Having brought my UK Ford GT over to the USA, during the trip so far I have had it near and compared with plenty of US spec cars and the sound difference is vastly greater than you would expect. For the European cars, an export exhaust system had been installed with many more baffles in the muffler and coincidentally mine seemed to have picked up some unusual rattles that needed fixing. There also was no longer the option to upgrade to the euro Akrapovic at the time of my order but even still, it would have been quieter in comparison.

This seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to buy a US spec upgrade exhaust, still the original OEM Ford item developed with Akrapovic that is available on new cars now (euro production is not currently running). I ordered the part through Galpin Ford and Galpin Auto Sports in Los Angeles ready for installation and an opportunity to compare the sound on the canyon roads.

Join me then where I'm visiting Parker from Vehicle Virgins to set off to Galpin to get the Akrapovic exhaust fitted, before plenty of sounds to compare from before and after. As you'll hear, it's been completely and totally transformed to sounding much more like the supercar that it should be like!

Shout out to Parker at Vehicle Virgins:

Thanks for watching, Tim


Credits Shmee150
added on 14 Aug. 2019

Make: Ford


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