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Thieves are trying to steal my GT3 RS headlights!

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There’s a new car crime epidemic sweeping the nation! Thieves have begun ripping cars apart just to steal a handful of parts.

Recently there have been pictures shared on the internet of thieves stealing Porsche headlights, and Mat and the Carwow team have done some investigating to find out just why this is happening!

It’s long been known that thieves will try and steal catalytic converters, largely so they can access the precious metals inside them. But why have they now turned their attention to headlights?

Well for starters, they’re not so easy to track! While cars may come fitted with tracking devices, you won’t find these in a set of headlights, so it’s much easier to get away with it (if you’re not spotted during the act, of course).

But what are these headlights then being used for? And more importantly, will these thieves soon try and target Mat’s pride and joy - his GT3 RS?! Keep watching this video to see for yourself!

Credits carwow
added on 9 Feb. 2024


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