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They Made a Bugatti Chiron in FULL SIZE WORKING LEGO!

LEGO and Bugatti have only gone and made a 1:1 full size working model of the Chiron! With 5.3hp, the LEGO Chiron can actually drive on LEGO motors, and has working parts including the speedometer and rear wing. To celebrate the launch we can take a first look, as well as experiencing a demonstration ride in the Bugatti Chiron with Andy Wallace at the wheel.

LEGO and Bugatti teamed up to reveal the 1:8 scale model of the Chiron recently, one that has turned out to be extremely popular, but behind the scenes they have also been working on this world first project. Not only is the 1:1 LEGO Chiron a life size replica, but the fact that it can actually drive electrically using over 2,000 LEGO motors makes it a complete world first.

To celebrate the occasion, I joined Andy Wallace for a discussion and experience in the real car to head out onto the handling area to run through numerous features like the ability to put the power down even with the wet weather. Following up from my first full drive with Andy last year, it's another opportunity to see what the Bugatti Chiron is all about.

Of course we then return to take a more detailed look at the LEGO model, to consider the likeness and demonstrate features like the animated light sequence, the skin that's been created for the bodywork, the interior details, and how the rear wing powers up and down to go into the 'Handling' mode.

If you're interested in the scale model Chiron, you can check it out now in the Shmee shop:

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added on 30 Aug. 2018

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