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TheStradman's New Toyota Supra Hunts the Hypercars!

TheStradman has bought the first Toyota GR Supra in the USA, and in just 12 days has already done 5,000 miles in it! The chaos of Car Week gets under way in hypercar style as a drive out with James in the new Supra quickly becomes complete hypercar mayhem.

Kicking off with a meet up, the car park becomes a spontaneous supercar gathering of its own with a Lamborghini Centenario present, a Huracan Performante, my Ford GT, and then from nowhere both a McLaren P1 and McLaren Senna join in. Seemingly having chosen quite a spot for this gathering, we enjoy the endless stream of other cars coming by too.

From there though, it's onboard TheStradman's new Toyota GR Supra, a launch edition model in the USA making it one of 1,500 in total with a few distinct features. Heading out of town though it doesn't take long until we find ourselves chasing down hypercars everywhere we go as a LaFerrari and Bugatti Veyron come blasting the other way. After our minor distraction it's my turn to drive a brief stint that leads us to find a Pagani Huayra Roadster and Zonda Roadster. The latter of which belonging to @whitesse quickly brings us around to meet with a Lamborghini Reventon, of which the owners kindly allow me the keys to drive around the block! As if this day couldn't get any crazier on the way back even more ridiculous cars pop up out of nowhere and Car Week is very much summarised in a nut shell.

You don't want to miss the rest of the day too, which you'll find over on James' channel, where we continued the car spotting in my Ford GT:

Thanks for watching, Tim


Credits Shmee150
added on 16 Aug. 2019

Make: Toyota


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