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These Changes HAD to be Made to My AMG GT R Pro!

A few things on my new AMG GT R Pro are screaming out to be changed; so let's head to Dub Customs and get it done! The calipers on my Focus RS Heritage have also now been swapped plus we can see the awesome Christmas present from my girlfriend.

First up, we're on the road in the newest Shmeemobile, my AMG GT R Pro starting with just 45 miles on the clock to go to visit Dub Customs. We had dropped off my Heritage Edition Focus RS the previous week for a few things which are now done, including the brake calipers to be changed to some in Tief Orange matching the bodywork, plus the sharkfin antenna being replaced following the peculiarity of being nibbled. The one extra thing is also to see the covers pulled off my Christmas present from my girlfriend which is a Segway Ninebot Gokart that's been done in Shmee blue!

Oddly, the AMG GT R Pro comes with bright chrome door handles, not matching with anything else found on the car however an easy 'fix' to this is to make them dark chrome to match with the vertical slats of the front grille. In addition we finished off the rear with some tail light surrounds to enhance their appearance; small but significant touches to change the look.

When all is complete we're back on the road with the Pro and the RS together onwards to the next stop to continue what is effectively my first real drive in the new Pro. On arrival though I can give you some of my thoughts, in particular surrounding the 'spec' of the car as delivered and it's peculiarities.

Thanks as always to the great guys at Dub Customs for their help! Be sure to follow them here:

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 29 Dec. 2019


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