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THESE are the Top 10 Best Car Collections in the World!

From Jay Leno's Garage to the Royal Auto Gallery in Abu Dhabi, these are the best car collections in the world that I have ever visited! From amazing venues, to unbelievable hypercar line-ups, let's explore the unique garages and what's contained within.

We'll explore car collections from across the world; New Zealand and Japan, through Europe to North America; Canada, the USA and Mexico, to run down some of the very best privately owned collections out there. I've been lucky to visit and meet with many owners who have kindly allowed me to showcase their personal selections; garages built for the purpose containing the rarest cars imaginable plus unique stories and memorabilia attached.

All of which is inspiration for my upcoming private garage, to house and display my own cars. Some have given me specific ideas and thoughts as to what I can do, and others give plenty of room to dream for the future!

The car collections and garages mentioned in my video, the top 10 and more:


Manny Khoshbin

Ian Poulter:

David Lee:

Chicago Iron Gate Motor Condos

The Collection 1

Don Huayra

Jay Leno's Garage


Mr Miura

Zach's Garage

Don Casanova

"The Original"

Lingenfelter Collection

SBH Royal Auto Gallery

Grant Baker

Life of Ferrari

Mille Miglia

Car Cathedral

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