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THESE are the Loudest Ferraris EVER! FXX K Evo, 599 XX, FXX

When it comes to the ultimate Ferrari sounds, not much can beat the noise of the FXX K Evo, 599 XX Evo and FXX Evo! With their V12s unleashed on the track at the Riyadh Season Car Show, let's enjoy the screaming engines as they blast on by.

As part of the Car Show held during Riyadh Season, the Ferrari XX program is present with the 3 different generations of cars; the original FXX that's upgraded to the Evo variant, then the 599 XX Evo as well, and finally a pair of the FXX K Evo race cars as well. In addition we also have the 488 Challenge pairing, as well as a 488 GT3 and the 488 GTE Le Mans 24H winner.

With demonstration laps to show what they are capable of, the FXX K Evo spits fireballs out the back while the 599 XX Evo's brakes light up and glow brightly. For even more enjoyment, the F1 cars are started up in the pit lane and rev away, plus a parade of Ferrari customer cars in front of the crowd.

It has been the most amazing visit with thanks to Riyadh Season, attending the car show and more. Follow their pages for more updates:

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added on 26 Nov. 2019


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