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The Wheel Decision is Made for My SLS AMG Black Series!

It's time to be unleashed, my first proper drive out in the SLS AMG Black Series! First stop is to KerbSafe where the wheels will change from black to silver; a controversial decision. There's also a brand new limited edition design in the shop:

I'm pleased to add to the Shmee150 shop the new SLS Black Series design. The t-shirts will be limited to just 150 units which are individually numbered! You can find them here: There are also additional hoodies and posters available too, check them out and more in the shop.

The main objective of the day is to take my SLS AMG Black Series to KerbSafe to start the process behind my controversial decision to turn the wheels silver! Now that it has full Topaz Paint Protection Film, it's also the first proper outing beyond just heading slowly around town and bringing it home. Having first ever driven the SLS Black Series on some glorious roads in the countryside, this is exactly the right environment to be reminded what made me fall in love with it and give it that spot as my dream car.

Taking both the SLS BS and also the AMG G63 as the practical wagon loaded up with a brand new set of Sport Cup 2 tyres in full Mercedes spec with thanks to Michelin, the roads take us out to Aylesbury where there is quite a process behind what is going to be done with the wheels. It's not just a case of making them 'silver' as these are being fully chosen down to the detail of the spec.

First up the will be painted in AMG Silver, before then the fascia including the spokes, rim and AMG badge are diamond cut, and then finished with a satin lacquer to create the same look as that found on the fuel filler cap. While many people prefer black wheels, and fair to say the standard ones look great, I'm a big fan of making the car unique and being one of only 2 Mystic Blue SLS Black Series cars in the world - having it with different colour wheels makes it a one of one.

There's another great story though, finally an answer to the source originally of the Himalaya Grey paint colour my car wore before it was resprayed! Believe it or not, it is actually a colour that Mercedes-Benz use for wheels, it's part of the dual tone finish and showing one of the original side sills against a car they had on site we can see this.

When the wheels are all finished up, they will wear the 325/30R20 rears and 275/35R19 that replace the existing set found on the car. At approximately 7 years of age they are reaching towards the end of their life and given I'm intending to take this car on the Nurburgring and Autobahn it is a must to put safety first and as such a new set of rubber to go on from here.

Don't forget to check out the new limited edition SLS Black Series merch in the shop:

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 22 May 2020


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