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The New SILVER WHEELS for My SLS AMG Black Series!

This was the right choice! My Mystic Blue SLS AMG Black Series now has silver wheels, making it the only one in the world in this spec - looking absolutely fantastic! The matching model is found here:

From the very beginning, the plan was always to transform this SLS BS into my dream spec and the final visual part of that is to have the wheels changed to silver. To carry out the work, I dropped the car off at KerbSafe for a full process in the ideal finish with some specific details. After stripping them down, the wheels have been painted in AMG Silver with a diamond cut finish over the spokes and around the rim, all of which is behind a satin lacquer to match with the finish of the fuel filler cap on the car.

Originally the SLS AMG Black Series was only available with the standard black wheels with diamond cut fascia and the full satin black (with silver rim) that mine carried to start. However I've always been fond of unique specs for cars, and with mine now being one-of-two SLS Black Series in Mystic Blue, the difference is that the other has the satin black wheels and now mine is different. The bright silver links in to the grille, badges and exhaust tips while setting a great contrast against the darker coloured bodywork.

As well as the new wheels, there are also new tyres thanks to Michelin - a new set of Sport Cup 2 in original MO fitment of 325/30R20 rears and 275/35R19 fronts that replace the previous set found on the car. At approximately 7 years of age they were reaching towards the end of their life and given I'm intending to take this car on the Nurburgring and Autobahn, it is a must to put safety first and as such a new set of rubber to go on from here.

To collect the SLS BS, we set off in the Ferrari GTC4Lusso, the first time the two navy blue (with silver wheels) Shmeemobiles are together. Upon collection I can also show you the new 1:18 scale replica of the car from Minichamps too! You can find pre-orders for the limited edition model here:

Thanks for watching, Tim


Credits Shmee150
added on 27 May 2020


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