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The NEW Plans for My Ford GT and Dream Garage!

It's time to find a new garage for my Shmeemobiles! Now that I'm back in the UK for a while, I'll be thinking about what's next for the cars and where they will live as the supercar collection grows. There are a few ideas already, join me for the news and updates so far!

Kicking off in the storage unit, a little more explanation as to the current setup and where my cars are living but the problem inbound with the number in the collection and the current number of spaces that I have. At the moment I have 5 spaces in storage, 2 at my London home and 2 at my Frankfurt home but now with 10 and possibly going on 11 cars... This doesn't quite add up! As such I need to work out something, and that might is most likely going to be my own private unit, despite the huge associated cost that will come with that.

To think more about it, as well as what's going to be on the cards for the Ford GT going forwards, let's hop on board for a run out. The GT has had the most incredible first year with visits around Europe, and the entire trip to the USA, but the future will be a bit different.

If I do find and go for a private garage, the question is going to be what to call it! Perhaps it could be the Mancave, the Vault, the Cave, the Shmuseum, or something that comes from your suggestions?!

Thanks for watching, Tim


Credits Shmee150
added on 8 Dec. 2019

Make: Ford


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