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The Mistake I Made with My SLS AMG Black Series!

My SLS AMG Black Series is now ready for the road! The final stages of PPF at Topaz Detailing include the interior preparation and some finishing touches for the exterior, including the long awaited re-install of the badges - which doesn't exactly go as planned...

Inside the workshop at Topaz Detailing, my SLS AMG Black Series is looking superb with the Mystic Blue paintwork covered with Paint Protection Film. However, there are a few things still to be done on this final visit including the front flics, badges, plates, and interior. It's been a quick process getting it fully prepared to ensure there is no risk to the new paintjob getting any stone chips or light damage when it's time to get out and about.

When I had the paintwork done I chose to have the carbon front splitter refreshed and re-lacquered but gave a miss on the 'flics' (or front canards). This was an omission on my behalf, but thankfully Topaz are able to restore those to glory to make the stone chips a thing of the past, and also fit PPF on them too.

For the exterior it also regains the front Mercedes-Benz badge and number plate, and at the rear the Star, SLS badge, AMG Black Series badge, and plate, however there's a complication... It turns out the badge I obtained isn't exactly correct, and triggers a bit of a hunt to work out a solution - which still doesn't quite get there!

When it comes to finalising the interior, just as per the exterior it gets a full clean up from top to bottom including the removal of the invalid Umwelt Zone sticker in the windscreen from Germany - given I had imported the car after buying it in Munich. When all is finished and the flics are re-installed, the first drive takes me to my Mercedes-Benz dealership in a hunt for the badges, which finds me a temporary solution, albeit still not entirely right!

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added on 19 May 2020


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