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The Mansory DBX is a SERIOUSLY EXTREME Aston Martin SUV!

Mansory have turned their attention to the Aston Martin DBX and the result is one extreme SUV! It's a whole new level of bonkers with 800hp, a widebody kit, new wheels and exhaust, and plenty more for us to explore before a first drive to discover what it's about!

Based on the Aston Martin DBX, Mansory have really turned the dial up to 11 for their P800 version of the car. Visually it features a more aggressive and aerodynamic style design with the wide arches, sportier front and rear ends, fixed spoilers on the back, 24" wheels with very wide tyres. However, the power turns things up even further taking the stock 550hp and 700Nm to 800hp and 1,000Nm thanks to new turbos, the crazy exhaust system, and new air filter amongst others.

Inside the showroom at Mansory's HQ in Germany, we can take a first look at the very recently introduced model before pulling it outside and going for a first ever drive to get a feel for it, and experience plenty of sound.

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00:46 Highlights
01:53 Exterior
03:58 Interior
06:07 Start Up
06:47 First Drive
09:26 Open Roads
11:31 Sound Check
12:46 Final Drive
17:56 Interior
20:26 Final Thoughts
20:56 Wrap Up

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added on 19 Nov. 2021

Make: Aston Martin


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