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The Manhart MHX3 600 is the 'Sleeper' BMW X3 M Competition!

Manhart have taken the brand new BMW X3 M Competition and turned it into the MHX3 600! With more power, more sound, new springs and wheels amongst the modifications, have they created the ultimate X3 M? Let's find out with a first drive and blast to top speed on the Autobahn!

The X3M from Manhart now takes power up from the stock 510hp and 600nm to 630hp and 785nm thanks to the MHtronik tuning box. In addition the modifications include the Manhart Stainless steel exhaust system with 4 x 100mm Ceramic exhaust Tips that's certified with the TUV in Germany, as well as HR lowering springs down 30mm and 21" Concave one wheels.

Starting with a walk through the showroom, featuring 2 MH1 500s based on the BMW 1M, and an M4 Coupe with the 4.4l TT V8 from the M6 instead of the normal 3.0l T i6! Then let's run over the modifications made by Manhart to the X3 before getting it out on the roads heading both to the countryside and the unlimited motorways of the German Autobahns.

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 26 Sep. 2019

Make: BMW


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