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The Manhart MH2 550 is a SCARY 550hp BMW M2 Competition!

For Manhart to create the MH2 550, they have taken the new BMW M2 Competition and fed it some wild magic beans! Power goes up from the standard 410PS to 550PS and the torque, believe it or not, goes all the way from 550nm to 800nm - those are huge gains. To experience that, let's go to the Autobahn, why not!

To present the new Manhart MH2 550 for the first time, let's start off with a walkaround to see the new parts. On the exterior the package features the M Performance carbon fibre aero parts including the splitter, lip spoiler, skirt winglets and more, finished with the Manhart black and gold livery. It's sitting on KW lowering springs to be 25mm lower than standard and with 21" Manhart Concave 1 wheels and a new exhaust system. Up front then is the 3.0 TwinPower Turbo i6 from the M3 and M4 with an awful lot of power all going through the rear wheels.

For a feel of what it's like behind the wheel, I first head to the Autobahn where the wild character really starts to show through with the wheels happy to light-up on demand! After a blast in the countryside it's then back towards Manhart to show you more of the car.

Thanks for watching, Tim


Credits Shmee150
added on 21 Nov. 2018

Make: BMW


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