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The FIRST Time I Saw My SENNA!

Join me for the very first time I saw my McLaren Senna in person, for its PDI at McLaren Manchester! Ahead of the big reveal at Christmas, I went up to the dealership to see the car unloaded and take in a behind the scenes look at what's needed to prepare it for delivery.

As you can no doubt tell from the video, I was quite excited by the arrival of my first hypercar, and I dare you to play the "wow" drinking game with a shot each time! However, up to this point it honestly didn't really feel real, and at this moment things started to sink in.

With thanks to McLaren Manchester, this is actually the moment the car arrives in its full transport mode and package for the Pre-Delivery Inspection and check in the workshop. As such we can unwrap it (for the first time!); this time removing the packaging to expose the MSO Cerulean Blue paintwork and tinted blue carbon and all of the specification. As part of the PDI process it has a number of things to be checked; in terms of the computer elements, the spec, accessories and running through various functions.

Due to immense time pressure we actually ended up having to move the car straight to MTC in order to film the present video revealing it for you guys, and it will now continue the PDI processes at the dealer before returning for a more traditional collection day and handover with the team.

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Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 27 Dec. 2018


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