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The BMW M5 is a Tyre Smoking Monster! | EXPERIENCE

Does the new BMW M5 have any problems laying down rubber? Absolutely NOT! The F90 generation of the BMW M5 features the trick M xDrive system that offers a 4WD mode for the benefits of performance but also can be fully switched into the more traditional 2WD if you want to have some fun...

To discover more, I took the car that I'm currently using as my daily to the BMW Driving Academy in Maisach, near to Munich, Germany for an environment to do this. First up we get started with some launch controls before running a Smokey Burnout to see if it has any struggles laying down traditional BMW M-11s. From there it's to an open patch for 2WD at its finest with some burnouts; where naturally the combination of a front-engine car with a long wheelbase, offering up 600hp to the back makes for a winning formula. Lastly over to the wet drift area to actually experiment a bit with the changes from 4WD to 2WD and what that means in terms of powersliding but also the ability to pull away from a standing start.

A big thanks to the team at BMW M and the BMW Driving Academy for arranging this opportunity to discover more about the car in a correct environment. Turns out... the M5 is epic fun!

Thanks for watching, Tim


Credits Shmee150
added on 30 Jun. 2018

Make: BMW


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