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The Best Way to Dry My Ford GT - Nürburgring Hot Lap!

How's this for a way to dry off the Ford GT after a rinse; take it straight away for a fast lap on the Nurburgring! With the sun scorching down on the cars, just washing them alone would be destined to leave them covered in water spots so the simple solution: get on the move and get it dried in style.

After seriously enjoying both the Senna and GT over the last few days at the Nordschleife and Nurburgring GP, I wanted to wash and tidy them up a bit before the next legs of their adventures. Pulling them both out for a pressure wash and rinse then with this much sunshine would mean the water dries off incredibly fast and then leaves the car covered in water marks, so a plan B was required.

The only way to go about this was to get one wiped down and then immediately jump into the other; in this case the Ford GT, to go straight out onto the Ring and dry it with some speed during the lap. Having previously run the GT in Track Mode with the lower suspension, as well as not being able to go through the Karussell, it had also given the feeling of just being too rigid and bumpy that the car was being thrown around. As such for this outing I kept it in Sport Mode, one notch down, and it was so much more suited to the road surface.

Thanks for watching, Tim


Credits Shmee150
added on 25 Apr. 2019

Make: Ford


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