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The Audi of the FUTURE! First Look at the Urbansphere Concept | WHERE'S SHMEE Part 18

Check out the new Audi urbansphere Concept! Let's take a first look at the new vision for urban transport from Audi, the third Sphere model, offering space, luxury and productivity on the move. There's a lot of technology to explore, let's go through it in detail!

Following the grandsphere and skysphere, the urbansphere Concept has launched at the Beijing Auto Show as a different take on urban mobility, with the idea of chauffeur driven luxury and space to enable maxmimum productivity for the passengers while on the move. From the moment you arrive at the car, the greeting is one of a welcoming with the doors, illuminated carpet, and seat adjusting to welcome you in.

However, that's just scratching on the surface of Audi's ideas, a wide divergence from most city cars which tend to be as small as possible, by introducing the largest vehicle they've ever made. Let's see what evolves from this Concept down the line, what do you think of the ideas of chauffeur driven autonomous transport and some of the features it incorporates?

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
01:00 Exterior Walkaround
04:10 Interior Closer Look
05:30 Stepping onboard
06:23 Temperature Controls
06:45 Deployable Drink Table
07:05 Moveable Headrests
07:37 Gesture Controls
07:55 Checking Stress Level
09:48 Closer Look at Controls
11:10 Illuminated Umbrella
11:38 EV Architecture
13:19 Wrap Up

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added on 19 Apr. 2022

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