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Tesla S Plaid v 200mph F1 Drone: DRAG RACE

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How’s this for a crazy drag race line-up?!

We’ve got Mat in the Tesla Model S Plaid, and he’s about to face off against the world’s fastest film drone! It’s been built by Red Bull so they can keep up with F1 cars, and we’re about to see just how powerful it is against a production car!

So let’s check out the stats, starting with the Tesla. It’s powered by 3 electric motors, and these combine to produce 1,020hp and 1,420Nm of torque! This power is sent to all four wheels, and it’s also pretty heavy, tipping the scales at 2,200kg.

And then we come to the drone. Whereas the Tesla comes in at 2,200kg, the drone weighs just 985 grams! It may only have 8hp, but when it’s that light, there’s no doubt this drone will absolutely fly down the straight!

But of course, we know the Tesla will absolutely shoot off the line, while the drone has to fly upwards before it can head forward. Will that be its downfall? There’s only one way to find out - LET’S RACE!

Red Bull Drone vs Max Verstappen around Silverstone:

Credits carwow
added on 28 Feb. 2024

Make: Tesla


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