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Tesla Model Y v Q4 e-tron v EQA v Ariya v GV60 v ID Buzz: EV RANGE TEST!

It’s time for another carwow EV range test!

We’ve got our hands on six of the latest all-electric SUVs to hit the market, and we’re about to see just how accurate the manufacturer’s claimed ranges are! The cars we’ve got for this line-up are:

- Audi Q4 e-tron Sportback
- Genesis GV60
- Mercedes EQA
- Nissan Ariya
- Tesla Model Y
- Volkswagen ID Buzz

So how do you think these will compare? Will the oh-so-popular Tesla Model Y win it? Or could we see a different competitor go the furthest? You’ll need to stick with Mat for this all-new EV range test to see for yourself!

Mat’s Nissan Ariya choice:

Hyundai IONIQ 6 review:

carwow’s 10 best electric cars:

Mercedes EQS v Model 3 v Mustang Mach E v iX range test:

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added on 28 Mar. 2023

Make: Tesla


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