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Tesla Cybertruck vs Ford F150 Lightning vs Rivian R1T | Comparison Test

The Cybertruck may be the most talked about electric truck on the planet right now, but in this comparison it faces staunch competition in the form of the Rivian R1T - our 2022 Motortrend Truck of the Year - and the Ford F150 Lightning - our 2023 Motortrend Truck of the Year.

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We wanted to compare these trucks across several disciplines, ranging from the standard EV tests such as range and charge capabilities, through to some of the things you would expect a truck to do regardless of its method of propulsion; on-road, off-road, and towing - we did it all, in order to find which of these three EV Trucks is best. This is the most comprehensive comparison test featuring a Tesla Cybertruck to date.

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added on 29 Mar. 2024

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