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Synthetic Fuels with Porsche's Karl Dums | The InEVitable

MotorTrend's Ed Loh & Jonny Lieberman are back for more from Rennsport Reunion 7 with Porsche's Senior Project Lead for eFuels, Karl Dums! The guys chat with Karl about Porsche's mission to create synthetic fuels! What are eFuels? And why should we pursue eFuels as an option? Get the full story here ➡️

0:15 - Today's topic - eFuels!

3:09 - Welcome Karl Dums!

5:01 - What are eFuels? How does it compare to gasoline?

7:18 - Carbon Neutral!

9:34 - Harnessing the winds of Patagonia.

15:53 - What about the CO2 footprint?

18:35 - Do eFuels work for all current fossil fuel applications?

21:04 - eFuels provide a decarbonizing solution for ALL existing vehicles - all 1.4 BILLION of them.

26:01 - Genesis of Porsche's eFuel mission.

27:34 - Timeline for eFuel rollout.

30:04 - Rapid timeline of development.

31:33 - Roadmap to reducing overall CO2 footprint.

35:48 - Vehicles running on eFuels at Rennsport.

37:08 - Want to learn more? Visit

38:04 - Karl's involvement with the Carrera GT.

39:06 - Favorite cars at Rennsport.

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added on 26 Oct. 2023

Make: Porsche


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