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Sutton Mustang CS850GT to REPLACE Importing My GT500?

The Sutton Mustang CS850GT is a bit of a monster! The 850hp verson of the Ford Mustang visits @The Shmuseum for a test drive, and some consideration whether it would be something to buy instead of importing my Shelby GT500 from the USA.

Based on the UK RHD Ford Mustang GT with the 5.0l V8 that would normally be making 460hp, the team at Sutton have transformed it with a huge array of modifications including taking power all the way to 847bhp (859PS) with plenty of engine upgrades including a supercharger. With a manual gearbox, featuring a Barton short throw shifter, and the most ridiculous of soundtracks thanks to the Xforce exhaust system, there's no question it makes for a great drive.

Visually, the CS850GT is inspired by the GT500 itself hence the large carbon fibre rear wing and new look to the front end. However, being based on a RHD car means it's easily available in the UK, and other markets including LHD as well.

Ultimately, the plan is to import my Shelby GT500 from the USA, after building up some incredible memories with the car during the coast to coast road trip and time spent in Florida. However, the Sutton Mustang CS850GT certainly proves for a very interesting alternative!

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
01:00 Walkaround
04:46 First Drive
08:52 Driving Modes
12:55 Open Roads
14:37 Tunnel Run
15:45 Final Thoughts
19:22 Wrap Up

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added on 8 Oct. 2021


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