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Should I Sell My AMG GT R Roadster?

Is it time to sell my AMG GT R Roadster? A curveball topic of conversation, but with some big projects and the imminent arrival of my Zenvo, something has to give and I'm considering a sale. Let's talk about the potential changes at @The Shmuseum and why this might go!

Having recently expanded my garage to a whole new area, along with looking to put together more of the build of the office space, and with the Zenvo payment due very shortly, it certainly makes me think about the options and what would be responsible and sensible to do; therefore leading me towards thinking that at least one of the Shmeemobiles needs to go.

With the SF90 Stradale very much taking up my 'daily driving' duties in terms of sports/super cars, the GT R Roadster has taken a bit of back seat recently. It's one of a number of AMGs in my garage alongside the GT Black Series, SLS Black Series and C63 Black Series, none of which will be going soon and perhaps making the purpose slightly redundant. However, other than my V8 Vantage Roadster which won't see too much future usage, arguably the GT R Roadster is unique being a front-engined GT Roadster.

The GT R Roadster arrived at my Mercedes dealer around 2 years ago although due to various complications it took a while before I actually took delivery. It featured on the 'Roster Tour' in 2021, and has covered 6,700 miles in total including a change of the seats to the buckets found in the GT R Coupe. It's these though, that I'd quite like to move now into my C63 BS as a permanent move, to fit the character of the car and therefore with strongly values on the GT R Roadster, it's making me think it is time for it to move on.

It's also a very interesting topic with regards to car financing and how that relates to the cars in the collection. All of my car financing is handled by the amazing team at Approved Motor Finance, and it might well be that we have a full topic on @The Shmuseum channel to talk about the funding behind cars by way of an update as things are changing. You can find out more here: (Affiliate)

For any perspective buyer, this particular car is a UK RHD taxes paid example and not available for export. Please DM on Instagram, serious buyers only.

Thanks for watching, Tim

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01:12 What Am I Thinking?
05:08 Which Modifications did I do?
09:38 My Daily Supercar: SF90
10:57 Driving Pros and Cons
16:42 What is My Price for it?
19:05 Final Recap
21:28 Wrap Up

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added on 31 Jul. 2022


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