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Should a BMW M850i Be My Next Daily?

Is the BMW M850i the right candidate to be my next daily driver in Germany? After the departure of the M5 earlier this year, no real replacement has arrived but it's time to think about fixing that! The M850i offers style and elegance, with ample power and a degree of practicality, so what do we think?

Joining BMW UK in Spain I drive the M850i and also the 840d back to back to get a feel for whether it would be the right choice on a second outing. With the 8 Series Coupe having recently arrived, these are the two models that are available for now although they will be joined by an M8 in future - a prototype for which I recently experienced. No doubt the M8 Gran Coupe will be an incredible car but for the time being it's rather far away to start thinking about at this stage.

The M850i has 520PS and 750nm from the 4.4 twin turbo V8, delivered through permanent xDrive as opposed to the switchable M xDrive system that's found in the M5 and future M8. To drive it has a huge dynamic range from being gentle and relaxed to confident and sporty at the other extreme, but does the Coupe shape take away too much of the practicality? I'm a big fan of the new 8, particularly with regards to its looks and from the amount of engagement from you guys on previous videos with it, I rather get the impression you are too.

So, with the M5's replacement never arriving thanks to a change in legislation that pulled the car off sale that I intended to add to the garage, would this be the right call for the next 12 months to blast around Europe, including many Autobahn outings?

Please accept my apologies for the slight rattle in the audio from a loose camera mount in my rush to film with the incredibly limited time on my side!

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 4 Dec. 2018

Make: BMW


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