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SHMUSEUM NEWS! This Garage in Kansas is My Inspiration

I've found the Shmuseum! After a long search, the right location has come up at home and is becoming my garage. For inspiration, Brian's amazing display in Kansas is exactly the type of display I dream of creating!

It's been a very long time coming, and after visiting countless different possible locations over the last 2 years, the wheels are now in motion to make it all happen. I've viewed options from units on industrial parks and commercial warehouses to barns and even an underground garage, all to find the right spot that will house my cars, enable me to make a base for Shmee150 and the perfect place for filming videos.

The Shmuseum is to be a larger space than originally intended giving plenty of scope for the future but it's going to start from a barebones shell structure leaving me lots of opportunity to build it into my own dream mancave. Located a short distance from London it's convenient for my travel distances while also being far enough out to enjoy countryside roads and get away from the restricted city streets.

However, it's during my visit to Brian's amazing garage in Kansas, USA, that the inspirations and dream setup really start to hit home. From the way the mezzanine is built up over the workshop space, to the display cabinets for memorabilia and model cars, right through to the active nature of the garage itself and cars that are in constant use. It's a tricky balance to make something that's both well presented but also involves cars often being driven and therefore never perfectly cleaned but also not blocked in.

While this news is very exciting for me, it's also a delight to hear Brian's stories of memories he's created with so many of the cars in his collection; each of which he's worked on and clearly very much enjoyed owning. From road trips and adventures, to racing and hard work himself, this is a garage of passion and it truly shows.

A huge thanks therefore to Brian for the amazing tour around his fantastic collection of cars!

Thanks for watching, Tim

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00:59 My Garage
03:12 Tour Begins
08:04 Ford GT and 917
11:27 Tour Continues
28:49 Last Cars
33:47 Roof Box
35:27 Shmuseum

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added on 11 Mar. 2021


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