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SENNA SHAKEDOWN! The Repair is Complete

This is the last step! After the repair is completed, My McLaren Senna is going through the full shakedown including high speed runs, traction control tests and more to sign-it off ready for collection. It's been a lengthy process but I am beyond excited to have it back in the garage!

While the damage from the incident earlier in the year was cosmetic, it included the installation of a new spoiler along with numerous works on the car and as such it's being put through the paces by McLaren and the shakedown procedure. The aim is to uncover any potential issues, for example with the traction systems, gearbox and power delivery, the actions of the wing and any rattles picked up by parts that have been removed and replaced. To carry out the tests is Steve Hayes, McLaren's Vehicle Evaluation Driver, with a wealth of experience testing the Ultimate Series vehicles and even working with McLaren since the days of the SLR.

With awful weather for the day, the car is put onto a set of silver slave wheels for the shakedown, wearing more appropriate Pzero tyres as opposed to the normal Dark Stealth ones from mine shod in Trofeo R rubber that's more at home on a dry day at the racetrack. Outside of that, in addition to the PPF there is tape installed to protect the more vulnerable areas of the bodywork to be extra cautious.

The location of choice is Millbrook Proving Ground, a facility where normally cameras would not be allowed and it's a special thanks to the team there plus also those involved in the repair and arrangements process who made this possible. Of course the upmost care and attention has been paid throughout the entire process and that's been critical to me to ensure a factory quality final result, and I'd also extend a thanks to McLaren for being directly involved in the final sign-off.

All that's left now is the final check over, tidy up and then collection in a few days!

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 17 Dec. 2019


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