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Saab Phoenix Last Saab Ever Designed Commercial - Carjam TV HD

Carjam Car Radio Show -- RTE Radio 1 -- A Car Show About People

Carjam: New Saab Phoenix 2011 Geneva
Carjam: New Saab Phoenix 2011 Geneva
Carjam: New Saab Phoenix 2011 Geneva
Saab Inovations

1958: The GT 750 is the first car fitted with seatbelts as standard.[102]
1963: Saab becomes the first volume maker to offer diagonally split dual brake circuits.
1969: Saab creates an ignition system near the gearstick[citation needed] -- instead of behind the steering wheel like most cars -- in an attempt to reduce the very common serious and permanent knee injuries during collisions, caused by the knee impacting the key.
1970: Saab introduces a world-first -- headlamp wipers and washers.
1971: Heated front seats are introduced, the first time in the world they are fitted as standard.
1971: Saab develops the impact-absorbing, self-repairing bumper[citation needed].
1976: Saab was the first manufacturer to produce a turbo engine with wastegate to control boost.
1978: Saab introduces another 'world-first,' the passenger compartment air filter (pollen filter).
1980: Saab introduces Automatic Performance Control (APC), and an anti-knock sensor that allowed higher fuel economy and the use of lower grade fuel without engine damage.
1981: Saab introduces the split-field side mirror. This reduces the driver's blind spot.
1982: Saab introduces asbestos-free brake pads.
1983: Saab introduces the 16-valve turbocharged engine
1985: Saab pioneers direct ignition, eliminating the distributor and spark plug wires.
1991: Saab introduces a 'light-pressure' turbo.
1991: Saab is the first manufacturer to offer CFC-free air-conditioning.
1991: Saab develops its 'Trionic' engine management system, equipped with a 32-bit micro-processor.
1993: Saab introduces the 'Sensonic clutch' and the 'Black Panel', later to be called the 'Night Panel'.
1993: Saab develops the 'Safeseat' rear passenger protection system.
1994: Saab introduces the 'Trionic T5.5' engine management system, its processor is a Motorola 68332.
1995: Saab presents an asymmetrically turbocharged V6 at the Motor Show in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
1996: Saab introduces active head restraints (SAHR), which help minimize the risk of whiplash.
1997: Saab introduces Electronic Brake-force Distribution
1997: Saab fits ventilated front seats to their new 9-5.
1997: Saab introduces ComSense; an alert delay feature that reduces the risk of distraction by briefly postponing lower priority alerts when the brakes or indicators are activated
2000: Saab introduces SVC; a Variable Compression, an engine in which the compression ratio is varied by tilting the cylinder head in relation to the pistons.
2002: Saab developed ReAxs System provides crisp steering feedback and contributes to enhanced driving stability in curves
2003: Saab introduces CargoSET; automatic storage well retraction for the convertible, a two-step tonneau action for quicker soft-top deployment
2008: Saab introduces Cross-wheel drive, an advanced all-wheel drive system with eLSD.

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