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RUSH TO THE RING! My Ford GT Challenge to Reach the Nurburgring

It's a rush to the Ring in my Ford GT! Firstly, let's find out if the Ferrari's battery comes back to life, then straight on the way in the GT for a road trip to the Nürburgring. With the challenge to squeeze in a lap on the same day, timings run tight, but what a car it is at both the Green Hell and on the Autobahns!

Almost as soon as I had got back to London, it's time to get immediately back on the road in the other direction, this time with the Ford GT and a long drive with a challenge to make it to the Nürburgring in time for a lap during Touristenfahrten! However, the first problem is to resolve the flat battery in the Ferrari GTC4Lusso, that was completely dead upon my return before.

Having been the victim of a fuse blowing the mains switch, meaning the battery charger had disconnected, I borrowed an almighty Ctek re-conditioner from Windrush, a nearby storage facility. Thankfully this has done the job and pulsed power back in, bringing the Lusso back to life and saving the requirement for an expensive new battery at this stage. When all is running, the next mission is to load up my luggage into the minimal space available in the GT.

To date my Ford GT has been well traveled; going across the USA, on an adventure to Sardinia, and all around Europe, but I've never really taken it for a proper tour with a lot of luggage simply due to the fact you cannot do that with a passenger. While I had big plans back in April and May, those were all pushed to the side meaning since it was in Chicago at the start of November, the car hasn't seen much usage and it's time to get that changed.

The drive from London to Nurburg, and onwards to Frankfurt is approximately 600 miles or 1,000km on the road, and door to door including a stop for a lap and dinner, about 15 hours or so. However, I've never previously made the journey and then immediately followed up with a lap on the Green Hell the same day, so a new challenge to get there without hold ups against the traffic at the Eurotunnel and in Belgium.

With all going well, and making it just in time, Misha jumps on board with me for a lap where we're quickly followed out by Robert in the Ferrari 488 Pista too. Knowing well it's the first lap back with the GT, it's an easy enough cruise around to get a feel for it on a busy Touristenfahrten session, but nonetheless great fun as always.

Awesome thumbnail pic from Rike67, be sure to check out pics of your laps and GP sessions at as well!

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 12 Jul. 2020

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