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Rolls-Royce Billion Dollar Logo Changed - Good or Bad? New Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstasy 2022 CARJAM

Yes, Rolls-Royce have changed everything about their brand identity, does it work? It is so subtle that you would hardly notice and so well done that it feels like a very natural evolution - Watch the video to see all the subtle changes they have made! Always a very high risk strategy with such an iconic brand but we think it really works - job well done as usual! Watch in UltraHD + SUBSCRIBE #CARJAMTV #CARJAMMUSIC #CarjamGO Podcast #RollsRoyce
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Rolls-Royce is a manufacturer of luxury products. The ambition was to celebrate the luxuriousness of the brand while providing it with the means to visually communicate with Rolls-Royce’s younger, increasingly diversified audiences.”, she commented.

The Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstasy
The Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstasy will now gain increased prominence in the Rolls-Royce marque's brand identity. While the sculpture that leads each motor car in silent grace remains unchanged, an iteration of the enigmatic figurine has evolved into the form of an illustration – one that reads clearly in today's virtual world.
When depicted in two-dimensional form, her direction has changed from left to right, boldly facing the future, reflective of the marque itself.
Marina Willer, commented, The use of the Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstasy marks a shift in the resonance of the brand – from an automotive to a lifestyle context. She commands an aspirational quality in the luxury sphere and by placing her at the center of the visual language. The Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstasy can now be interpreted as the muse for the marque, in addition to the motor cars themselves.
When choosing a color palette for the new Rolls-Royce identity, Pentagram’s design team initially turned its attention to the company’s products. Rich in textural materiality, wooden brown hues and graphite colored technical fibers complemented a colorful array of Rolls-Royce leathers. Although true to their artisanal origins, brown and slate palettes confined the identity to the past. The desire was to seek a more expressive, luxurious Rolls-Royce color palette, one appealing to both male and female clients, one with a future vision.
Sami Coultas, Bespoke Color and Trim designer, Rolls-Royce, commented, Rolls-Royce Purple Spirit has a deep and powerful tone. It is a color of modernity that evokes connotations of the dark and majestic night. It has an energy that conjures emotion with thoughts of strength and ambition – a tone well suited to inspiring greatness. This will be complemented by a foiled Rolls-Royce Rose Gold which will add elegance and grace to the marque’s printed materials.
The Noir imagery which surrounds Rolls-Royce’s Black Badge range is now punctuated by bursts of color, reflecting each model’s launch specification, illustrating the bold nature of its signature alter ego.

Badge of Honour / Wordmark / Monogram
The Rolls-Royce double 'R' Badge of Honour is a timeless expression of true luxury. The RR badge, representing Rolls and Royce, the marque’s founding fathers, is known world-wide as a symbol of engineering excellence and the very best of human endeavor. It is no surprise therefore, that this famed Rolls-Royce signifier remains unchanged. The Badge of Honour will reside on the marque's products alone – reserved solely for the precious creations born at the Home of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood, West Sussex.

The Rolls-Royce Monogram also retains its original form but replaces the Badge of Honour on collateral, while the Wordmark 'Rolls-Royce Motor Cars', as found presiding above the door of the marque's establishments, was found to be corporate and unrepresentative of the marque's standing as a House of Luxury.

Pentagram uncovered typography in the marque's archives from the 1930's and used an art-deco style as the basis from which to envisage a new Wordmark – one suitable for the modern-day Rolls-Royce. The words 'Motor Cars' have reduced in size, with the emphasis reverting to Rolls-Royce, in recognition of the marque's significantly wider influence outside of the automotive industry. The Wordmark has become more refined in its appearance, depicting the quiet, whispering power of contemporary Rolls-Royce. Special significance has been paid to the letter 'R', to provide additional stability and prominence to this important character in the Rolls-Royce script.

added on 25 Sep. 2021

Make: Rolls Royce


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